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Friday, April 4, 2014


Shoutout to the people who have pestered me for not posting for a while. I wont mention names: (namely @tonydoe78 @Walt_Shakes and @iloVeMizJay).
Some more posts coming up, including guest posts from Chuks Asoegwu.
This is an excerpt from a novella that should be out soon. As of now, still untitled.
One night in Dolpin estate, Ikoyi, three shots ring out, lodging bullets in the head, heart and groin of General Obajimi . The family tells outsiders it was thieves. But each of his three children and wife have different recollections and accounts. None of which are lies. So which is the truth?

Dear Diary,
I’ve started keeping you today because I feel like I need to document these times, for my sanity, and for the truth. None of us have been the same. Bobo has taken to religion like a duck to water; it’s his way. As I write, his fierce ‘amens’ rent the air at sporadic intervals. He is listening to a message from some prophet on his ipod. He’s trying to purge his mind and memory. We all want to.

Tara’s way is shopping and sex. Lots. ASUU is on strike so there’s nothing else to do. Mummy gives her all the money she wants. Sometimes she remembers me. Like today : "Knife Obajimi, you should thank daddy wherever he is, for giving you a big sister like me, and dying so I’d have all this money to buy you things like this”. She handed me cookies and a novel. The Electric Michelangelo by Sarah Hall. I’ve always liked reading. She figures this will be my way.

Mummy’s way. Well mummy’s way is nothing new. I don’t know how long exactly, but it’s been at least 6 months before daddy died when I came home from school almost an hour after school started. My Asthma had started again. I went to my room but the inhaler had finished. I knew there would be more in the provisions box in her room so I went there. He was standing with his back to me, naked.
She was on her knees in front of him, eye level with his groin. His hand was on her head, goading. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head away, then towards him. Her eyes were closed. He was groaning like a wounded animal.

I just needed them to move, they were in front of my inhaler.

I tried to see if I could manage the remains of my inhaler. I had no idea when they would finish, it seemed to me like they were still on appetizers. I went to Chemist’s shop, bought an inhaler and went home. About an hour later mom finished and came into the parlor. She almost fainted when she saw me. “what are you doing here, didn’t Musty drop you at school?” I told her I’d had an attack. Her mouth stopped mid-question when she saw the pack of the new inhaler on the chair. Her face fell.

Some hours later, outside my room, I heard them arguing. He was telling her to be strong. That she would do it if she loved him. That this was a sign, that I was eventually going to find out. She entered my room and told me she had something to explain. I didn’t want to hear it, so I explained to myself for both of us. “Daddy is never around, always beating you when he is. You fell in love with our houseboy”. She recoiled like she’d been slapped. Truth did that. She bit her lip as she turned to go. She wanted to Euphemize it, make it more of a fairy-tale. Make me too young to be so blunt. Afterall I was only fifteen. I went into her room after she’d left and took all my inhalers.


I wanted him to die. That i can admit this shakes me to my core. But what shakes me about it is the numbness I feel. My eye didn't 'clear' and 'remorse wash over me' as I felt the recoil of the bullet leaving the chamber. I did regret however, the fact that I'd shot his groin. which won't kill him, and I didn't have the guts to pull the trigger a second time.

You hate me now. You with your perfect lives judging me. The contented housewife who never wanted for anything. Who turns round to kill her husband. And she was from a poor home too. No wonder amidst such opulence she would fall for the houseboy. The houseboy!
Tara is out, i'm not nearly ready to start reining her in. Bobo has gone for vigil. The house is empty, only Nife and I are home. Just like that night. Eerie as hell. I go to her room . My hand is on the knob when I hear it. Stiffled crying. I wonder why she's crying. Probably for the wrong reasons. The bastard is dead i tell myself, wishing I could tell her too.
 *takes a bow and struts off stage like a boss*
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  1. Waitaminute, you lost me at a junction. I thot Nife was the one writing the diary. How come the voice shifted mother? Honestly, clear my confusion as to this ending.

  2. The latter part is the mother talking. Thanks, will try to put the diary part in italics. That was very useful.

  3. Ummm what should I say? Waiting for the full gist. Following you ASAP