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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Guest Post: Dear Mrs Right.

Once upon a time before I lost my way, i used to be a poet. I know right? These days i just post other people's stuff. This is a guest post by Chuks  Asoegwu. His number is at the end of this post. For all ye females who might be melted enough to wanna holler. That is if poetry still has a chance in this world of iPhones and Ferraris, enjoy!


Are you in the Americas?,
Or are you somewhere in Sydney?,
Wherever you are dear Mrs Right,
I beg you,do come quickly,

Oh please come quickly!,
The weather in Lagos is cold,
It gets pretty lonely sometimes,
And I have no one to hold,

Dear Mrs Right,
Everyone loves a good cook,
But I want more,
I also care about how you look,

Please be very intelligent,
The type to never skip classes,
Also be very light-skinned,
With a nice pair of glasses,

You must be very attractive too,
With well-shaped hips,
Certainly a good kisser,
With well-framed lips,

An artist in the kitchen,
A warrior in the sheets,
My best friend at public functions,
A lady in the streets,

A very devoted arsenal fan,
You should never be rude,
Always come home early,
Because I don't joke with my food,

Aside from taking road trips,
I'm a lover of pure art,
I want you to be gentle,
With words that soothe my heart,

Sometimes I could be a bit lazy,
I get unbearable when I'm angry,
Most times I keep a straight face,
I don't think straight when I'm hungry,

I tend to get jealous sometimes,
It's my way of showing that I care,
You might not always have me around,
But for you I'll always be there,

I don't care what others say,
Calling you an apparition,
They think you're not real,
A figment of my imagination,

I'll fantasize during the day,
And dream about you at night,
Until I have you in my arms,
My darling Mrs Right.

Chuks Asoegwu

1 comment:

  1. i hate to admit that i'm impressed. perfect for a spoken word performance!