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Friday, March 14, 2014


So, hopefully there will be a flurry of activity on here for a while. Posting a sneaksneak  peek of my novella thus weekend, it should be out by the end of the month as an eBook.I've also got a some articles and another short story coming up real soon so *in the voice of any Nigerian celebrity * "don't touch that dial"  Before that, though, I stumbled on this campaign by 63 black Harvard students about guest what....RACISM.

"Hol' up a bit" I said to myself. Isn't it Harvard Asin the quintessential peak of academia and learnedness where everyone has obviously evolved past such nonsense? Surely they didn't mean on campus? The campaign was in response to, among other things, an article by a white female student that had been published in which she said and I quote because it wouldn't be as delicious any other way: "Admitting black people into schools like Harvard is like teaching a blind man to be a piloy". Don't you just wanna lick your lips and read that again.

The project can be found on tumblr  using the hashtag #itooamharvard . Its pictures of Harvard students holding small boards on which are written things they've been told or reactions to things they've been told. There's more where this came from but these are the ones I found yummiest:

Are you sure? But you look Jamaican. Someone play her Jasi by BankyW just to be sure.

Tell me what's that you're holding? Read it out to me.

You mean you're listening to Enya? What? Really? *snatches your headphones to be sure*

Coz you know,that's what birthday candle wishes are for.
No really, you're like Oreos, white on the inside. Speaking of Oreos:
                   Well you're definitely not a Malteser!
Awww mehn, how's Hollywood going to fill its sassy black supporting actress quota?


Washerey joo.

I hear there are more campaigns for other universities including Yale and Cambridge . Oh goody. 

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