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Thursday, September 26, 2013

With the event that's going on today ie the nationwide protests against the senseless wages paid to our national assembly for doing nothing, I've been reading tweets from Nigerians who can't be bothered. I'm as saddened as I can't blame them. Too many years of nothing does deaden you. Even though I for one can't afford to stop believing, I wrote this when I was at that dark place. I know some of you can relate.


Evil! All!
None exempt
Betrayers, Liars, Murderers
Hovering, taunting, teasing
Fueling  my folly, as I gazed in wonder,
Through my rose colored glasses,
At the enticing colours of their always "almost" promises.

They gleamed  as my smile grew wider everyday
Imagining, salivating,
They whispered in my ear, "this is the one"
At the beginning of every year

And I thirsted. Oh how I thirsted
For the drops of promise they dangled
I was hooked
Craving a meal that was a mirage
The proverbial prodigal dream that never came home to me
The father it never knew
The helium filled balloons of promises every four years
The tight smiles of the elders who said tomorrow would be better
The unwavering but now empty voice of the pastor who prophesied change
Goading and coaxing me
As I grow . And grow. And die .

Rather than die however, you have the chance of trying to breathe. The tiniest inhale, then the exhale after. At least let it be in the battlefield. Today that battlefield is your state house of assembly. If you can't be there, tweet using the #OurNASS hashtag. Let our children read in history that we tried.


  1. Poignant! It behoves on our generation to resist the recklessness and impunity of our National Assembly officials. I am particularly puzzled by the fact that their emoluments are shrouded in secrecy when they should be accountable to the electorate. I take solace in the fact that Nigeria can only get better provided we refuse to be bought over and fight the good fight of restoring our Nation back to her pride of place because posterity won't be fair on us if we fail to act now

    Well done, Miss Oluwagbemi.

  2. NOW! Is the time to take what was stolen from us,by this greedy-selfish old generation,and take we will. But my mind keeps questioning my thoughts,asking me if the youths are ready for this take-over,or we are busy listning to "ur waist" by Iyanya. Food for thought. Ireti God bless you