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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Caesar's Buck

It's been almost a month since I wrote anything. In this one month  I have experienced an event I don't think I could forget, even if I had amnesia. At a point I didn't think I would survive the emotional and physical effects. Now that my sob story has suckered you into completing the rest of this piece however boring it is.....

Directly or indirectly as a result of  this,I have been unable to write for a while. I have tried all I can, it may have even lost me a job in the process, all to no avail. So I settled on the obvious reason: it was from my village. Thus have decided to do something I should have for a long time ; appease the gods. This is a piece that's long overdue, about the people, some as new as this year, who have made me who I am, my very own village. (Alphabetically listed)

To my family, for making it home always, you lift my spirit higher than any type of alcohol. (Not dat I've been drinking o!) . For the way you bring a smile out of the gravest of issues, and for the selfish hugs you bully me with. You guys deserve me and then some. *cheeky grin*
Ibiewari Wilcox, my wife, the best friend no one cld never deserve, in our too cool for emotion friendship, I never really get to tell you how much of my backbone you are. At least since the day you repented from snitching on me to seniors in js3. I wish you more than anything, happiness; you deserve two portions.

Oscar Odunsi, one never imagines that such a short time will be crammed with so much inspiration but then again, one doesn't expect to meet you. I'm grateful for the bored ear you always lend to my tales of woe, and your discretion in knowing when to just let me rant.
Sonia, due to the "NEPAramental" state of our friendship, we may have fought again by the time I publish this. Nevertheless, it's refreshing having a friend that knows the meaning of loyalty. Plus you give good hugs. And Nutella, and KFC.......and the list goes on to things shame will not permit me to list.

SS, my grumpy old man. Despite the fact that your calling my last hairstyle a Christmas tree was the reason why it lasted only two days, it wouldn't be the same without your royal scoldiness to coddle me all the time. Your surliness brightens my day in a way I hate to love. Thanks for the patience. Feel free to pout now.

Tosh, it was so unlikely that we'd become friends, but that only proves how much  it was meant to be. Who else would have been my red nylon partner, under the tree and beside the snakes? I'm forever grateful that you turned out not to be an Alhaji's wife as I thought. 

Speaking of unlikely friendships, to funny nose, Oga conductor and Adey, for friendships that blossomed in the most unnatural of conditions. For delicious banter, infused with few and far in between kind words, thanks for the support.

Now that I have appeased you all, please allow my creative juices flow once more.

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