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Thursday, October 17, 2013


May I start with this, if you've never been to this blog before, and were only attracted by gossip, your reward is in whichever extremity of the great beyond you think.

Staff and onlookers at Eti osa III local government witnessed a real life enactment of Nigerian movie today between the hours of 11 and 1 o'clock. A couple who were set to be married in the local government registry, all suited and wedding dressed up were embarrassed today when the real wife, and mother of the groom's three kids surfaced.

According to her, the bride to be was someone who she had taken in to leave with her and her family about three years ago. Her husband and this lady had now snuck down to Ajah, Lagos to get married today.

She was informed of the plans and traveled down with two of his kids and pictures to prove her story.

She slapped the bride who promptly went to hide in an office. For fear of violence, she wasn't allowed into the hall, but her story caused the marriage registrar to suspend the weddings.

The runaway couple thus had to do the walk of shame back to their car with people booing and drumming on the roof of the car. The bride tried to hide her face with her bouquet, but I managed to get a good shot. The power of yellow pawpaw! Pictures of the trio below.


  1. Not your kind of writing Ireti. And you probably shouldn't have put up their pictures. Too invasive, and reminiscent of the "writing" in The Sun. Your literary depth didnt show in this one. Way too lazy for me. But knowing you, i expect you'll modify this; adding wit, humour and imagery. Free the pictures. Let your words paint them in our minds. Show but dont tell!

    With love.