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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dregs from my Barrel.

Simply for lack of a way to start, or something to write about for that matter, I will begin by saying  for a half hour I sat staring at my Yellow notepad "awaiting my muse" ie wondering what the heck to write about.

I have hence concluded  that my muse has been infected by my fairy godmother with truancy, it even switched off its phone when I tried to call!

Having been lovingly pestered by a couple of friends to keep this blog running and not let it die away, I knew I had to write something. Props for this article thus go to Lord Oscar and Mr bar.

I should clarify here that it is not what you fear, pretty as I am (I DO SAY SO), I am neither empty headed nor a one-hit wonder, nor someone who saw having a blog as rung on the social ladder. I did not start this so I can protest "I'm a blogger like linda ikeji" when someone asks if I'm jobless, which frankly I am, feel free to help a sister out.

The issue isn't finding something to write about for they are a million topics, but I just don't feel like. I have a case of acute "notinthezoneniosis" aka mental laziness. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that my attention has been largely monopolized by my new phone. Whoever said women could multi-task clearly meant I wasn't a woman, though in fairness to me I can apply lipstick and simultaneously think about whether or not that shade was right for me. "Insert applause here"

So............still on the issue of what to write about..? I can't for the life of me figure it out,but I'd let you know when I do.Thanks for reading, please send this link to a friend. Till next time, hugz nd baba Dudu.


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  2. Yo! I was beginning to fear u were suffering from writers block after one post. Muah...much
    P.S. Atleast once a week post something

  3. ''notinthezoneniosis''? Whatever that means has sure got me reeling in laughter. I like the fact you sustained my attention with the fact your something out of your ''mental laziness''.

    I'm loving your articles already.