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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


AND GOD SAID............

True to my Christian upbringing, I will begin this with some scriptural reference. True also, to my hypocrisy , I  will only quote a verse any Buddhist,sangoist, Muslim would know: genesis 1: 1. "In the beginning God said"................Ireti you shall be social" 


I had proposed to not allow myself be a victim of the virus that was now sweeping the world at large, a cancer eaten so deep into the heart of our youth, aka twitter. All through my days in school (still feels so good to say that) I would occasionally look down my sky situated nose at the lesser mortals who had fallen prey to this addiction.I mean, this was me who only joined facebook 2 years ago.I thought it worse than crack, and in truth, my friends did all but itch in some semblance of mental notalrightness whenever they hadn't been on twitter for a while. My best friend (God bless her) downloaded the twitter app I'd deleted for better use of the space on my smartphone and logged in so she could operate her two twitter accounts simultaneously! For the love of Baba Dudu!! I should mention here that this same bestfriend of mine had actually opened a twitter account in my name, so all i had to do was" start operating it.
Like the boy who narrowly escapes being a premature father and swears from then on to use condoms (wish we had more of those), I decided I would learn from the downfall of my friends and not sell my soul to the entertainer called twitter, for after all I am not a feathered animal, this I had no desire to "tweet"
However if I may reiterate, man proposes and God disposes.Thus today the 17th of April, 2013 saw my turncoat self, Oluwagbemi Iretioluwa Abiola, tail between my legs, slink to my laptop and join twitter.
In an effort to bribe that bitch who lives upstairs: Mercy (quite the ironical name for what may be known to you guys as "that nagging voice in your head") I decided to also act on something I'd been longing to do for about 4 years: launch my blog. So here we are. 

OYA ISSALIE.................................

Dogmatic Nigerian that I am, I have held God responsible for something that was all me. To tell the truth, I opened the twitter  page BY MYSELF and began to tweet BY MYSELF, purely out of boredom, aint no haloed ethereal being whispering in my ear while I'm in a trance "open it, open twitter". Infact if God had a say in what i did with my time,he would probably have lovingly reminded me that my bible wasn't aware that we hadn't crossed into a new year. I sold out, pure and simple. Status update so far: i have 2 followers, am following 17 people and i'm waiting for the fun to start.I will endeavor to update you on my adventures with social media as time goes on. The handle is @ hapygypsy btw, should you want to encourage me with some followership. :) . Thank you for suffering through this, I assure you your reward is in heaven, I even forgive those who snored, till next time, hugz.........


  1. lol!!! nice piece girl...i cld hire you to blog for me

  2. Awwwww.........thanks you so much! You're my first comment

  3. so you've finally succumbed........

  4. some months ago abi a year +....i remember a certain individual sayin she would never open a twitter page ever

  5. Congratulations! Prepare to get sucked in.

  6. I was happy to see my baby on sir some days ago. You are going places baby and i miss you. Dare.