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Friday, March 7, 2014


Today's post is a guest post by prodigal writer  and poet Chuks Asoegwu. If you ever want to guest feature your work, its as easy as contacting me. My lazy self welcomes you enthusiastically. I will be featuring two of his works today;  this poem, followed by an article, and more subsequently. Enjoy, comment, share! 

Good people great nation,
Where knowledge is not might,
Where we can't read for 30 minutes,
Yet we would gladly club all night,

Good people great nation,
To illegality we comply,
Where darkness is a norm,
Where we jubilate at power supply,

Good people great nation,
Where our leaders have no shoes,
Yet they trample on our rights,
And give us things we didn't choose,

Good people great nation,
Where politicians steal by day,
And robbers by night,
Yet they all go to church to pray,

Good people great nation,
In the north its insecurity,
There's a guy with billions on his head,
And even he claims religious purity,

Good people great nation,
With so much oil in the south,
A people so richly blessed,
Yet they feed from hand to mouth,

Good people great nation,
Where we never miss a feast,
They even want to break away,
At least that's in the east,

Good people great nation,
Where morality is as forgotten as faxes,
Its the wild wild west yo!,
Where people don't pay their taxes,

If we only run our mouths,
Without sacrificing for our generation,
That's all we will ever be,
Good people great nation.

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